Heart coffee roasters in Portland, Oregon

This café has a beautiful atmosphere to it with the aroma of fresh roasting coffee beans. The heart offers a wide array of coffee beans from around the world and has a signature dish of fresh homemade coconut ice-cream combined with espresso named the affogatto.

Kaffeine in London

This renowned café in London serves its customers with an unforgettable coffee experience. Their signature coffee flight consists of a single shot of espresso and cappuccino, respectively accompanied by a refreshing cold cascara. The café does great latte art as well.

Stumptown coffee roasters in Portland, Oregon

This distinctive café brews its own toddy for an astonishing 12 hours before serving it to customers. Toddy is regarded as the most caffeinated drink and has a more of a chocolate taste as a result of its 12-hour brew.

Black coffee

Bluebottle coffee in Oakland

This café serves one of the best cold brewed coffees in the world. The secret to their successful iced coffee is their 12-hour cold brew sweetened using organic sugar cane.

Coffee Supreme in New Zealand

Coffee supreme located in Auckland, New Zealand has a perfect ambiance perfect for working or socializing over a cup of coffee. The café is distinguished from the rest because it serves a unique but delicious blend of coffee with soda. Their fresh scones are addictive as well.

Café craft in Paris

Usually packed all the time, the café gives its customers a remarkable coffee experience. They are famous for their noisette which is a combination of espresso with milk.

Analog coffee in Canada

The café is quite peculiar as it serves coffees in unique Japanese style drip brewers. It looks more like a science lab experimenting with coffee rather than a traditional café atmosphere.

Coffee academics in Hong Kong

This café is quite interesting as it serves coffee to its customers in a glass Chemex combined with the option of using raw organic agave nectar as a sweetener for the latte and a hint of black pepper for that spicy flavor. Customers often describe their coffee at coffee academics as the best coffee they’ve had.

Cielito Querido café in Mexico City

You get to experience an authentic Mexican café here; the café serves it’s freshly baked traditional soft and delicious conchitas which are to be dipped in a hot cup of cappuccino. It is a lip-smacking combination.

Dreamy camera café in South Korea

Yes, the café literally looks like a camera in a picturesque location in Yangpyeong of South Korea. Over here, you get to experience drinking a coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenery around while being inside a camera, making it a truly unforgettable experience.